Sport horses and ponies breeders association of Ile-de-France

Presentation of the ADECSIF

The ADECSIF is the Association Des Eleveurs de Chevaux de  Sport d’Ile de France, founded in 1970.

It aims to promote the breeding of both sport horses and ponies in the Ile de France region, to forge ties between breeders of our region as well as representing them.

The stud farms are located across the Ile de France and bring life and vitality to our region’s rural areas.

The Ile de France is the birthplace of champions such as Quick Star, Impedoumi, Kino d’Andelu and many others that have contributed to the region’s renowned.

The ADECSIF , every year, organizes motion and style competitions for foals and 2/3 years old horses on the behalf of the French stud books in charge of the different breeds of sport horses and ponies. Such activities aid in the selection of horses and in the promotion of horse breeding in the Ile de France.

The ADECSIF acts for the French stud books (selection committees approved by the French Ministry of Agriculture).

The ADECSIF is modernizing its services for breeders. It provides training to assist and guide breeders who wish to show horses and ponies in motion and style competitions.

The ADECSIF is launching a promotion program in France an abroad in order to improve the visibility of our region’s stud farms. Our organization strives to collectively professionalize horse breeding in the region in the spirit of supply and demand in order to improve the financial performance of the stud farms and the quality of their horses.

French equine breeding is going throw a difficult period. We must be united to make our voice heard and to carry our project to gather

Join the ADECSIF, together we are stronger.



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