Sport horses and ponies breeders association of Ile-de-France


Our association regroups passionate horse breeders from the Ile De France.
Within the ADECSIF, these breeders have federated around three principles:

  • Rigorous selection
  • Prestigious origins
  • Careful breeding

Horse for sales

You can see in the special page “Horse for sale”, horses sold by our adherents.

Our association

The ADECSIF was founded in 1970 by a group of horse breeders who wished to unite as many breeders as possible in order to represent their interests, coordinate their actions and improve the selection of horses in the Ile de France.

Several champions were born in our region, for example Quick Star, Pacha de Preuilly, Rubis de Preuilly and Poivre Vert (twice FEI Vaulting champion).

The ADECSIF organizes competitions for young horses (from foals to three years olds) at local and regional levels to draw attention to our horses and select for national competitions.



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